About Us

About Influencer Champions

We have represented many of the most well-known celebrities from the world of sport, music and entertainment. In this time, we have built relationships with countless international brands, creating endorsement deals and partnerships between them and talent.


Social media has rapidly shown the value of its return to brands. Platforms have multiplied and social creators have built huge followings.


Influencer Champions is an influencer agency made for brands, bloggers and social media influencers. In the digital age of today, to successfully market your brand, your business needs to guarantee that they are reaching the right people through the right influencers.


Influencer Champions work with brands to assist them to place their product, service or message in partnership with the most suitable influencers. Similarly, if you’re an influencer and want to start working with brands, we will proactively deliver partnerships that are most suitable for you and help negotiate the right value return for all parties.


So, if you’re a brand or an influencer interested in working with us please enquire below, send us an email or call O8453 31 3O 31.