About Us...

At Influencer Champions we manage the careers of many high-profile influencers and secure brand collaborations that generate unrivalled results!

Our umbrella company, leading brand agency, Champions (UK) plc, has more than 15 years’ experience working with both brands and celebrities. Recognising the increasing power of social media influencers, their worldwide demand and the impact they are having on the digital landscape, in 2017 we made the leap into influencer marketing.

Now approaching our first year we have had great success in assisting brands by placing their products, services or messages in partnership with the most suitable influencers, and have proactively delivered brand work for some of the greatest influencers in the industry. Soaring in the industry, our relationships have gone global, we have worked with a diverse range of brands and built a vast portfolio of influencers. 

Soaring in the industry, our relationships have gone global, we have worked with over 100+ brands and built a vast portfolio of influencers.


Our full suite of services include:

  • expertly sourcing and securing influencers for brands
  • proactively seeking-out brand partnerships for influencers
  • management of campaign from beginning to end
  • handling of all logistical aspects of a partnership 
  • management of all legalities including invoices and contracts
  • full analysis and review of campaign once completed.


30M Turnover
80+ Employees
Delivering in 42 countries
Worked across 13 categories
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Over 500 Influencer
Gone global
Multi award winning
Over 15 Years Experience
Brand Film Festival
Marketing Week
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