Advertisements Regulations

Advertisement Regulations

Case studies have been gradually building up over the last few months which show that tighter regulations are catching up with social media posts that are not clearly stating their intentions of being advertisements.

The Advertisement Standards Authority (ASA) state that ‘hidden’ social media advertising is taking up more of their time to investigate over more traditional media like television and print. This came with it’s traditional problems such as;

  • Misleading health claims
  • Prize promotions
  • Failures to disclose booking fees

The tide has now turned, and the major problems facing influencers that are endorsing a brand’s product to their thousands of followers on Instagram and twitter is the omission of the hashtag ‘#ad.’

Reality star Stephanie Davis recently fell foul to the ASA’s Cap Code, which covers all non-broadcast media, when she posted a photo on her page with some vitamins from lifestyle company Convits along with a promotion code without the hashtag stating its commercial intentions. Davis later edited her post to include the #ad hashtag.

Social media sites, like Instagram, are doing their best to tackle the issue – over the past two years, Facebook and Instagram have revolutionised this infant industry with the offering of a branded content tool which lets consumers know when a post is a commercial relationship between the influencer and brand.

The message is clear – Keep your consumers in the know, to keep them onside.


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