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Did you know that the UK beauty industry alone is worth a staggering £4 billion[1]? And, taking a slice of this multi-billion-pound sum are British beauty bloggers. These bloggers, or influencers as they are also known, have risen to prominence in the last 10 years through the reputation and profile they have grown for themselves online via platforms such as blogs, YouTube and Instagram

YouTube alone is home to a massive 1 billion users! And, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular topics for these 1 billion users is beauty-related content. 

From product reviews and hauls to tutorials and how-to videos, in 2016, more than 5.3 million[2] beauty videos were published to the online platform and this content subsequently generated more than 55 billion[3] views. A figure that, with the growth of the beauty industry, is expected to increase to 88 billion[4] by the end of 2017!

To get an insider opinion on the phenomenon that is beauty blogging and YouTube, Influencer Champions, who match influencers with brands, explored the phenomenon through the eyes of popular British beauty blogger, Becky Sheeran. 

Known to her online fans as ‘Talk Becky Talk’, Becky is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer who has carved a successful career in the extremely diverse industry that is the beauty industry. Since she began blogging she has gained some +55.1k followers on Instagram and more than +200k subscribers on her YouTube channel. 


Becky on: becoming a beauty blogger:

“Beauty blogging is popular because it’s varied and individual to the person. One beauty blogger may be an expert in stage makeup and experiment with bold colours making their channel niche but exciting, while another might be able to create makeup looks that can be easily transferred into everyday life, making the channel relatable. I think that’s what I and so many others love about it. 

I think outsiders looking in are quick to assume that being a British beauty YouTuber or beauty blogger is ‘easy’ with many people thinking that ‘anyone can write a blog’. And, yes, while nearly everyone has the ability to write a blog, creating and maintaining a successful one is somewhat more of a challenge. Beauty blogging and YouTubing has become such a huge phenomenon that it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. But, this isn’t something that should put anyone off. 

I first broke into the world of YouTube seven years ago – back when I treated it very much as a hobby that I was juggling with a full-time job. During the day I was reporting for the BBC and at night time I would be at home filming and uploading YouTube videos. 

Like many people starting out on YouTube, to begin with, my videos were for my own development and I uploaded them about the things I was interested in, predominantly beauty. I was fascinated about how the platform worked, but over time, I discovered that the interest in beauty videos was significantly on the rise. I soon discovered there was an audience out there who might be interested in what I had to say. So, my videos began to be about what I and others were interested in. 

As my channel began getting more and more views, and really started to take off, it slowly began to demand more of my time, and spark more and more of my interest. I eventually took a leap of faith and left my journalism job behind and ventured into becoming a full-time YouTube creator and blogger. 

That decision wasn’t met with ‘claps and ‘hurrahs’ though. Many called me ‘crazy’ for giving up a steady job, for a career where the income can be varied, but it was a decision I have never regretted. And as a beauty blogger and YouTuber, I have had the opportunity to work with some exciting and high-profile brands that I would never have had the chance to otherwise, including Braun, Evian, Feel Unique, Campo Viejo, Pearl Drops, Elemis, and Vodafone.” 


Becky on: being influenced by other beauty bloggers 

“I always support fellow bloggers on their endeavours. It not only helps give each other a boost, but I will nearly always learn something new from them. 

That’s what’s so great about being part of the YouTube or blogging community, there are always new and exciting topics to take inspiration from and everyone is so willing to share their ideas with one another. Especially within the beauty industry, many of my makeup looks have been inspired by others. 

As well as watching and drawing inspiration from beauty bloggers and YouTubers, I also enjoy watching videos and reading blogs that focus on different life issues. I love the likes of Melanie Murphy who tackles topics such as sexuality and confidence. I think, whether or not you have experience in a certain area, it’s always important to branch out into other topics and keep up to date with things outside of your niche.” 


Becky on: Brands 

“Beauty bloggers often get the chance to support the brands that help keep the multi-billion-pound beauty industry alive. The beauty industry is a huge mix of high-street and high-end and getting a balance between the two is always something I try to do. I think it's about knowing your audience, and giving them enough variety and content to take them all through the year. 

I am a huge fan of L'Oréal, Max Factor and Garnier, but I am also a sucker for high-end brands like Urban Decay and NARS. As well as supporting the well-known brands, I am really lucky that I am able to use my platforms to help raise the profile of other less-known brands and bring their benefits and products to my audiences. For example, I am a huge fan of Korean skincare at the moment and always try to include the most affordable products in my posts and videos. 

Beauty brands support us as influencers and we have the chance to do the same, and I think that’s really great.” 

Talk Becky Talk


Becky on: top beauty campaigns: 

“Something that comes with the exciting nature of blogging is working on campaigns with brands. Once a blogger has reached a certain profile, they begin to be approached by or are able to start to seek-out collaborations with brands

I have been lucky enough to work on a number of campaigns with beauty brands but I particularly loved working on a video campaign with Garnier back in 2015. The campaign was called 'A day in my life'. It was such a great project to work on and even picked up the In-Style Magazine 2015 brand video of the year award! 

I love seeing campaigns just as much as I love being a part of them and always support fellow bloggers’ campaigns. 

However, as a blogger with a positive reputation, it’s important that when approached by a brand looking to work on a campaign, that the campaign meets your own values. If you don’t believe in the brand or their messaging, it’s hard to be truly invested in the campaign’s concept. It’s also always crucial to review the campaign before it goes live too – I never want my name to be associated with a campaign that gives off negative connotations and would affect the values I've tried to build.” 


Becky on: essential apps for beauty blogging: 

“Everyone knows that the world of beauty blogging is hugely competitive, so it’s all about making an impact on your audiences and creating social media platforms that people will enjoy scrolling through or watching. 

Of course, one of the biggest apps for bloggers is Instagram. With 800 million monthly active users, as a blogger, there is great opportunity to access huge audiences, but there is also an increased pressure to make a profile unique. I use snapseed to edit all my photos to ensure consistency and to make the colours and features really stand out – it makes posting fun and it’s always satisfying when posts you have put time and effort in to get a lot of positive interaction

Beauty bloggers are always here, there and everywhere, I know I am! And sometimes I can’t always be on my phone ready to post a tweet or an Instagram picture, so apps that certainly make life a lot easier, and an essential in juggling a career as a blogger and everyday life is scheduling programmes including TweetR and Hootsuite

Once posts or videos have been put up, it’s essential to look at the outcome of them, to gauge what audiences like and what they dislike. VidIQ and Social Blade are two programmes I use to do this which allow me to monitor how the posts are doing and suggest the optimum times and days to upload to ensure I am reaching as many people as possible.” 


Becky on: The rise of male beauty bloggers: 

“One of the greatest things about blogging is that it is not gender exclusive, it allows everyone and anyone to express themselves and I am so excited that in recent years more and more male beauty bloggers have emerged. 

These male bloggers have increased to meet the demands of the growing market that is male grooming. In fact, the market value for men’s grooming has increased by nearly £100 million[5] between 2015 to 2017 in the UK!

Prior to these male beauty bloggers, I don’t think there was a huge amount of resource for men to get tips and advice, so it is a gap in the market which many have seen and made an impact on. 

For me, two of the stand-out male grooming bloggers are Man For Himself and Alpha M. Both of these guys have created really fantastic brands and personalities and their profiles have grown immensely in the past year alone due to the fact that they are relatable and consistent in their approach to blogging.” 

It’s impossible to ignore the popularity, impact and rise of beauty blogging in the UK. And with their popularity and influence over large audiences, more and more brands are seeking to work with them. 



Influencer Champions has a vast portfolio of British beauty bloggers on their roster suitable for a range of brand opportunities. For more information please visit: or contact Amelia Neate and team on 08453 31 30 31 or email  

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