Facebook Streamlines Influencer Marketing

Facebook with Influencers

As the impact and importance of influencers grow, social media platforms are adapting – and competing – to provide innovative opportunities and ways in which they can operate effectively.  In their latest move, Facebook has announced new features which offer a wealth of benefits to both influencers and the brands who partner with them.


Influencer Controls

The controls, which became active this week, mean that influencers now have the option to enable their sponsors to boost their posts, without having to share it on their timeline first – a process which is much more streamlined and appears more organic to the public eye. To enable the feature, influencers will need to tag the brand they are working with, using the branded content tool and select the ‘allow business partner to boost this post’ option before publishing.


Brand Controls

The social media giant has also introduced controls for brands to reduce irrelevant tagging. Now marketers will have the option to authorise a list of creators – meaning that only pre-arranged influencers will be able to tag the brand using the branded content tool. This will not stop consumers from tagging the brand in the usual way, or posting reviews, but will make influencer advertising easier to identify, building trust in the consumer base and reduce the risk of premature or fraudulent claims to sponsorship.


Analytics gets a refreshing update

The third update from Facebook developers concerns brand insights. Offering valuable data which can be used to monitor the success of an influencer campaign is a key component in attracting both brands and influencers to the platform, and the company have made changes to benefit both parties. The improved dashboard now displays key information, including more in-depth tool tips for better understanding, details of the amounts spent by both the creator and brand on each post and the ability to view financial data in multiple currencies, for those working internationally.

The fight to attract both influencers and brands to social media platforms is heating up – and at Influencer Champions, we couldn’t be more excited to see these huge changes being put into place! To find out more about influencer representation – or to find the ideal creator to boost your brand, contact Amelia Neate and the team on 08453 31 30 31 or email aneate@influencerchampions.com.


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