Girl Gamers
Champions | 20th August 2018
Esports has become a global phenomenon. As advertising, sponsorship and media outlets pour money into this burgeoning industry there is little to stop the growth of competitive video gaming. An industry that turned over $500 million in 2016 is now…
Influencer Marketing Statistics
Champions | 10th August 2018
Influencer marketing has become a buzzword in business. Today, the concept draws parallels with the age-old trend of storefront ushers, while evolving from celebrity-endorsed ads, in aiming to improve marketing efforts and connect with consumers in…
Instagram Hacking
Champions | 06th August 2018
Whilst we may have taken back control of how our data is used with the recent implementation of GDPR, something that has been, and continues to be out of our hands is hacking.
Glossier CEO Emily Weiss
Champions | 06th August 2018
From fashion assistant at Vogue, to CEO of the cosmetics company storming the internet, Emily Weiss is the woman of the hour. In fact, her brand Glossier might just be the most talked about beauty brand on the lips of millennials.