Influencer Partnerships - The Next Big Thing

Influencers - The Next Big Thing

As social media becomes increasingly more powerful, consumers place ever more trust in the opinions of influencers - bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers with significant online followings. Therefore brands partnering with influencers has become an extremely regular feature in the world of marketing.


Brands can access their audiences by creating relationships with the right influencers; A well-coordinated collaboration can generate authentic content in a cost-effective manner, do wonders for brand awareness, drive digital traffic and ultimately deliver bottom line results.


There are several ways to build interest and to generate those all-important sales when working with an influencer:

  • Sponsored posts, videos, blogs
  • Promotion of discount codes
  • Product review
  • Long term partnership roles
  • Press trips
  • Event appearances
  • Press / media opportunities


Whether you’re a well-established or upcoming brand, we work with influencers across all different industries so, please visit the ‘Our Influencers’ page to learn more about who you could work with.


Here at Influencer Champions, we understand it can be a difficult process finding the perfect influencer to collaborate with your brand, one who really knows their stuff and this is where we’re here to help! Please contact Amelia and her team today on 08453 31 30 31 or email

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