International Women's Day

Inspiring female influencers to follow this International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, here at Influencer Champions we have come up with our list of powerful women who are doing it for the sisterhood, check them out…


CHESSIE KING @chessiekingg 


Chessie King


Helping to spread confidence and teach women to love their bodies no matter their shape or size, Chessie King is an extremely inspiring and motivated woman. 

Regularly highlighting the differences between edited and un-edited photographs, Chessie shares realistic shots and videos with her followers. Her Instagram is a haven for women looking for a little confidence-boost, complete with well-written captions to really inspire and motivate. 

An advocate for women’s rights, Chessie has also worked on campaigns such as UN Women NC UK which works to end violence against women and girls. 

Doing it for the girls: “Let’s put an end to violence against women. Together we can draw a line and help those going through it and those who have survived, men and women.”



KAYLA ITSINES @kayla_itsines 


Kayla Itsines


Personal trainer, businesswoman and two-time published author, Kayla Itsines is an extremely successful fitness guru who supports women through their fitness journey. 

Through her women’s-only fitness plan, which focusses on healthy meals and work-out regimes, Kayla helps women reach their personal body goals.  

This International Women’s Day, Kayla has worked with beauty brand, Sephora, who are championing the #freetobe campaign.  

Empowered women empower women: “We know that TOGETHER we are stronger. We know that POSITIVITY drives out hate. We know that EVERYONE has struggles […] let's stand by each other and have each other's back.”



LOUISE PENTLAND @louisepentland 


Louise Pentland


Lifestyle influencer, four-time published author, businesswoman and mum of two, Louise Pentland works tirelessly to inspire women of all ages through her social media channels.

In 2016 Louise rebranded her YouTube channel in order to create more mature content and speak to her audiences as a 31-year old female. This change allowed her to not only focus on beauty, but also create content to help inspire women, tackling issues such as body confidence and motherhood. 

Louise regularly works to eradicate gender discrimination by supporting campaigns and initiatives and perhaps one of her most active roles was her work as a ‘Change Ambassador’ to the UN. 

The next generation of women: “Women are powerful, capable, loving creatures, (just like men), and it's up to us to raise our friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, with courage, compassion and the motivation to make every little corner of the world a good place.”



KYLIE JENNER @kyliejenner 


Kylie Jenner


At just 20-years-old, Kylie is one of the world’s most successful female business moguls of all time and part of one of the most famous families in the world.  Kylie Jenner proves that women can more than handle being at the top in business.

Her beauty business, Kylie Cosmetics, is one of the most successful brands the beauty industry has ever seen.

In just 18 months the brand brought in $420million and by 2022, she is expected to reach the billion-dollar milestone and possibly take the title as the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire.  

This girl did: “I’m a young woman, for one thing, and I don’t depend on a man or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I’m an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own.”


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