Islanders on Instagram - How This Year's Contestants’ Following Has Grown in 2 Weeks


This week marks two weeks since Love Island, the most talked about and most meme-able show of the year, returned to our screens.

What a two-weeks it has been for the Islanders; there are love triangles, squares and basically all other shapes flying around the villa, Tommy has swapped his boxing gloves for a culinary career (or not) and Sherif… well the less said about that the better.

It’s certainly a programme that divides a room like Marmite, but two things that simply cannot be argued, no matter what side of the fence you sit on is the impressive viewing figures it brings in for broadcasting heavyweights ITV and the careers it opens up to contestants.

When it comes to those all-important ratings, ITV enjoyed its most successful debut episode yet as it reached a peak viewership of 3.7 million – a 10% rise in last year.


All this drama with the girls is clearly getting to the boys... 👉 #LoveIsland

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And as for the second, it’s safe to say that this year’s Islanders are going to be on our Instagram feeds, Daily Mail homepages, TV screens and at the centre of our favourite retailers’ campaigns for a long time to come. Well, that’s if their current social media stats are anything to go by anyway.

That’s right, it’s not only their egos that get a boost from the show, but their social media platforms also do too!

When the line-up was revealed, confirming the names, occupations and hobbies of the original five boys and five girls, a few weeks before the start of the show, impatient fans naturally flocked to Instagram to find out more – and of course this led to a spike in their following from the get-go.

As we all get to know more about the Islanders, their numbers are soaring.

So, let’s take a look at how each Islander is performing outside of the sheets and on Instagram, two weeks on.

Tommy Fury


OK so it’s fair to say that the girls aren’t swooning over the bad boy boxer for his omelette making skills (or lack of). But Tommy, whose head, in his words, has done a 560° turn has charmed the socks off the girls, and us, with his cheeky personality.

After just two weeks he is flying high above the rest of his comrades as he edges over the magical one million mark already!

Followers before the first show:117k

Followers after the first show: 271k

Current following: 1 million

Lucie Donlan


Lucie was the blonde bombshell that brought ALL the drama we needed from the off and has continued to bring it as she is amid a catfight with Amy. But if her relationship fizzles out outside of the villa, Lucie now has an impressive following to confide in.

Followers before the first show: 101k

Followers after the first show: 206k

Current following: 874k


Molly Mae Hague


She was introduced to us as a social media influencer when she stormed onto the show a week after the rest and she has rocked the boat ever since. She spent the latter part of last week’s show battling it out with newcomer Maura for Tommy’s affection – and the nation was 100% Team Molly.

Followers before her arrival: 214k

Followers after her arrival: 507k

Current following: 746k

Curtis Pritchard


Curtis hit the headlines when he was a victim of a nightclub attack, alongside his Strictly Come Dancing brother AJ back in December. Six months on and he entered the villa looking for love and has found it in Amy.

The dancer, who doubles up as the villa’s agony aunt, is without doubt one of this year’s most popular contestants.

Followers before the first show: 84.2k

Followers after the first show: 124k

Current following: 601k

Amber Gill


Two weeks in and Amber has grown on everyone, whether that be because she and Michael are #goals, or because she is not afraid to say it how it is. But whatever the reason her Instagram further proves that there has been a shift in opinion.

Followers before the first show: 53.2k

Followers after the first show: 112k

Current following: 555k

Anna Vakili


Probably the strongest and most independent islander of 2019, Anna has shown – Anton in particular – that she will be nobody’s second choice (amen to that). The 28-year-old didn’t even really need the fame boost of Love Island as she was already killing it on the gram’ before she entered. So being on the show has only elevated a successful social media for the witty pharmacist.

Followers before the first show: 86.6k

Followers after the first show: 153k

Current following: 509k

Michael Griffiths


He’s the walking, talking example of the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ mantra. The fireman, who was originally perceived as a ‘bad boy’, has grown on everyone inside and outside the villa for his gentlemanly ways, and intellect.

And the rise in his following from the first show to now reflects that in the bucket load.

Followers before the first show: 41.3k

Followers after the first show: 98.4k

Current following: 493k

Amy Hart


The Danni Dyer of 2019, Amy has coupled up early on in the series with fail-safe option Curtis. Seen as the mum of the villa, viewers are loving watching the Miss United Kingdom turned air hostess embark on her first official relationship.

Followers before the first show: 35.9k

Followers after the first show: 80.1k

Current following: 455k

Joe Garratt


Seen YOU on Netflix? Yep, then you know what we mean when we say it must be something about the name Joe. Joe has been glued to Lucie since day one, even when Lucie strayed for a brief moment in time. And the catering manager’s followers are just as obsessed with him as he is with Lucie.

Followers before the first show: 29.4k

Followers after the first show: 83.5k

Current following: 418k

Yewande Biala


A show that is all about who can shout the loudest, calm and collected Yewande has taken more of a low-key approach than the other girls so far. The Irish lass has bided her time and since Danny has won her over, her following has coincided with this as more people are keen to get to know more about the biotechnology graduate.

Followers before the first show: 34.8k

Followers after the first show: 73.4k

Current following: 375k

Sherif Lanre


‘What happened to Sherif?’ was the mystery of Love Island 2019. Did he get too friendly with himself in the jacuzzi? Did he really break Anton’s wrist? Finally, over the weekend he revealed the truth and it wasn’t anywhere near as juicy as everyone was hoping.

It seems though that being booted off the show has only done great things for the chef’s social presence.

Followers before the first show: 22.2k

Followers after the first show: 57k

Followers after exiting the villa: 278k

Current following: 367k

Anton Danyluk


Anton has had no luck finding a female companion to shave his behind, not through a lack of trying though. But whether he remains single or couples up, one thing for sure is that Anton will be returning home to a soaring following – and probably a deal with a gym brand too.

Followers before the first show: 33k

Followers after the first show: 71.5k

Current following: 353k

Maura Higgins


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and it seems Maura has made a very, very bad one the viewers, and the girls in the villa. The extremely forward Irish ring girl has got off to a controversial start inside the villa but that hasn’t stopped people clicking the ‘follow’ button on her Insta.

Followers before their arrival: 104k

Followers after their arrival: 123k

Current following: 330k

Callum Macleod


The aircraft engineer/model failed to work his charm on any of the girls and was the first to be kicked out of the villa. And while his following has gone up and he has secured a blue tick, his social media seems to be flailing behind his former Islanders.

Followers before the first show: 24.6k

Followers after the first show: 52k

Following after exiting the villa: 202k

Current following: 247k

Danny Williams


Producers brought in model Danny to stir up some trouble and cause some love rifts, but he has done none of that and has shown everyone that he is actually just a model gentleman. Having appeared on the cover of Attitude magazine and in a promo ad for Net-a-Porter, Danny had built an online reputation long before the show but it’s enjoying an added boost of late.

Followers before the first show: 30k

Followers after the first show: 39.5k

Current following: 116k

Elma Pazar


She’s the lively Essex girl the villa has been craving and could be the woman Anton has been waiting for – to pluck his eyebrows. She entered the villa with Maura but her Instagram hasn’t kicked off in the same way as her fiery friend. But it has only been a minute, so give it another week and she will be on par with her fellow Islanders.

Followers before the first show: 20.4k

Followers after the first show: 24.3k

Current following: 75.6k

Whether they graft til’ the end and leave with the £50,000 or their flame dies out in the next six weeks, it can be assumed that each and every one of this year’s Islanders will have brand collaborations dished up pretty quickly.

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