New Year, New Agency

Why Use Influencer Champions

The quick approach of the New Year sees people everywhere frantically scribbling down their resolutions that they intend to abide by throughout 2018.

While many may put their best efforts in during January, by the end of February, quite often, those resolutions that started with the best intentions, are a distant memory. 

But, if you are a social media influencer with high hopes and ambitions for your career in 2018, the start of the New Year is the best time to make this a reality by bringing on board a management agency to help give your personal brand an added boost. 

At Influencer Champions we work with influencers across a broad range of categories, from beauty and lifestyle to gaming and parenting seeking out, securing and managing collaborations between top brands and our influencers. 

Read the top three ways in which our agency helps influencers…


  1. A weight off your shoulders

Influencers are busy people. In between writing the perfect blog post and dashing off to influencer networking events, finding the time to sit down and do some ‘self-admin’ such as scout out collaboration opportunities, can be hard. Getting us to do it for you, is the solution you might have been seeking. 

Able to contact brands on your behalf, help agree on fees and requirements, and manage any campaigns from beginning to end, we will leave you to get on with creating engaging content for your followers and subscribers.


  2. Expertise in brands

While you are experts in your field, whether it be vlogging, blogging, or both, we have the expertise in pairing brands with influencers. Throughout our years of business, we have formed relationships with top brands and have the expertise required to gain great partnerships.

With knowledge on how to initiate contact, gain brands’ attention and secure contracts, we have the negotiating skills needed to ensure the best possible partnership and results. 


  3. Proactive in our approach

A real asset to you is the proactiveness we adopt across all activities.

Rather than waiting for brands to approach us looking to work with you, we will actively seek them out first, using our initiative and expertise to provide a whole host of opportunities. 

Once any partnership has been formed our proactive activities continue through to PR support where we will write and send out targeted press releases to industry relevant press, informing them of any brand collaborations you are working on. 

These are just three of the many ways in which Influencer Champions could help you throughout 2018 and beyond. For further information, please contact Amelia Neate and team on 08453 31 30 31 or email 

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