Picture Perfect – Hotel recruits ‘Instagram Butlers’

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We all like to capture our holiday memories on camera – whether they are of good quality is another matter altogether. 

Helping guests ensure they create the perfect holiday snaps is the Conrad Hilton Resort. Located in Rangali, part of the sun-drenched Maldives islands, the five-star hotel provides guests with ‘Instagram Butlers’. 

These ‘butlers’ are responsible for helping travellers seek-out the perfect shot to be posted on Instagram or any other social media platform. Escorting them to some of the resort’s most picture-perfect locations, the butlers know all about creating the perfect angles, poses and images that require #nofilter. 


Travel Blogger


Not only does the service benefit the traveller it’s also a pretty smart move for the hotel too, giving them free exposure by providing the backdrop for these pictures. 

With news of the Instagram Butlers circulating the internet – there is no doubt that other luxury hotels around the world will be following suit soon!

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