The Rising of Instagram

The Rise of Instagram

The photo and video sharing social media app, Instagram is without a doubt one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world and on the 26th April 2017, they announced that since launching just seven years ago, the platform has reached a whopping 700 million users.


Timeline of Instagram’s Success-

Launch- 6th October 2010

100 million- 26th February 2013

200 million- 25th March 2014

300 million- 10th December 2014

400 million- 22nd September 2015

500 million- 21st June 2016

600 million- 15 December 2016

700 million- 26th April 2017


Why use Instagram to promote your brand?

Instagram has become the career-maker for many social media influencers from the likes of Emily Canham and Huda Kattan, who now have a combined total of 21.4 million followers. 

More and more brands are now seeing the opportunity to create campaigns with the most followed social media stars who are then paid up to £300,000 to post about a business/brand. Since more consumers are buying goods based on what they see in their Instagram feed, influencer marketing is certainly worth investing in.


Our top three Instagram campaigns featuring social media influencers-


  1. Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

A prime example of Instagram influencer marketing is Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins partnering with influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Lindsie Chrisley, who simply post an image of themselves with a gummy in their mouth promoting the product and get paid for the promotion. The campaigns proved to be a huge success as they have led Sugar Bear Hair to reach 1.5 million Instagram followers.


  1. Estee Lauder & Kendall Jenner

Estee Lauder, the 71-year-old billion-dollar cosmetic company, decided that in 2016 they wanted to target millennials, and what better way to do so than to use ‘it girl’ of the moment Kendall Jenner. With over 82.4 million followers on Instagram and having the most liked Instagram picture of 2015, it seems like Estee Lauder did the right thing by partnering with Kendall. Kendall’s makeup line turned out to be vastly popular with millennials across the globe engaging with the brand online.


  1. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington watches, who a few years ago was a brand nobody had heard of, now has high profile partnerships with the likes of Kendall Jenner (82.4 million followers), Zoella (11.1 million followers) and Mariano Di Vaio (5.9 million followers) who post on Instagram with an image of themselves wearing the watch with a caption of how much they loved the brand and a discount code for their followers to use. This proved to be successful as the brand is now worth over a whopping $220 million, a vast improvement from their 2011 $15,000 worth. Whilst partnering with these top social media Influencers Daniel Wellington is now creating relationships with micro-influencers to target a wider audience.


With over 700 million users, Instagram is now the perfect marketing tool for your business. We know that finding the most suitable influencer for your brand can be difficult so be sure to contact Influencer Champions on or 08453 31 30 31 to harness the power of Instagram with your brand.









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