Sharing the love – influencer couples to follow this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and whether you are a lover or a hater of the 14th February, people everywhere will be taking to social media to share their affection for their loved ones with their followers.

Loved up social media influencers are sure to be one group of people who will be joining the millions celebrating the day. However, it’s not just Valentine’s Day which sees these influencers sharing details of their personal relationships with their followers. Some share all aspects of their relationships with their subscribers, from the early stages of the relationship to marriage and children.

This Valentine’s Day, at Influencer Champions we have put together our top three favourite influencer couples…


Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman –

Combined YouTube subscribers: circa 6.2 million.

Combined Instagram followers: circa 5.4 million.

Tanya and Jim met in 2007 and two years later entered into the world of YouTube together. The childhood sweethearts then married in 2015. 

A relationship that came before their worldwide influencer status, the pair have gone on to build an empire between them with Jim having successfully published books and broken into the modelling world, and Tanya being the brains behind a widely successful cosmetic range and several ‘best seller’ books. 


Jonathan and Anna Joly –

YouTube subscribers: circa 1.8 million

Combined Instagram following: circa 2.5 million

When Jonathan Joly was 27 he met 19-year-old Anna Saccone, and in 2009, they made the decision to embark on a career together and created their channel the Saccone Jolys. 

Parents of three, the pair upload daily vlogs together, documenting their everyday lives to their millions of subscribers. And, naturally with the demands of a daily vlog comes more openness than other influencers, and the couple are nothing if not open having shared the highs and lows of their lives together throughout the years.  


Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda –

YouTube following: 8.5 million.

Combined Instagram following: 6.5 million. 

American lifestyle YouTuber and vlogger, Joey Graceffa, announced his relationship with writer and producer turned influencer, Daniel Preda, to his millions of fans in 2016. The videos Joey uploads featuring Daniel are always hugely successful, with everyone wanting to get the latest from one of YouTube’s favourite couples. 


At Influencer Champions we work to pair brands and influencers to create successful collaborations between the two. For more information on the work we do, please contact Amelia Neate and team by emailing or call 08453 31 30 31.

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