Top influencers over the age of 35

Top influencers

The rise in social media has subsequently seen the rise in social media influencers who all share the common interest to create engaging content for their audiences. 

The world of social media influencers is inclusive, allowing people of all ages and interests to create and watch content. And, with so much content created by influencers, there is truly something for everyone. 

At Influencer Champions we have picked four of our favourite influencers over the age of 35 who have built a great following, simply just by knowing their audience.

Casey Neistat

American-born Casey Neistat is a huge YouTube sensation having made his debut on the platform back in 2010. In seven years the father of two has gained a massive 8.6 million subscribers on his channel, to whom he shares weekly lifestyle videos, product reviews and daily vlogs. 

Brands he has worked with: Samsung, J.Crew, UPS and Google

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is a beauty influencer who has been a part of the YouTube community for more than eight years. For her 3.9 million YouTube subscribers she posts makeup tutorials, costume ideas, style transformations and tips. 

And, from YouTube to the silver screen, Kandee has also lent her voice to the role of Mandy Sparkledust in popular family film Trolls. 

Brands she has worked with: Too Faced, Revlon and Sinful Colours

Jonathan Joly

Attracting viewers from around the world, Jonathan Joly is a lifestyle influencer who is one part of the SacconeJolys, a YouTube channel which he shares with his wife Anna. Together the duo post videos with their three children and vlog the life of parenthood – videos their 1.8 million subscribers love! As well as his shared channel, Jonathan also manages his individual channel.  

He has also recently branched out into writing having written and published a successful children’s book called The Saccone Jolys and The Great Cat-Nap.

Brands he has worked with: Boots, Cadbury, LG and DreamWorks Trolls 

Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis, known to his online audience as My Virgin Kitchen, is a food blogger and YouTuber who is watched by people around the world.

On his YouTube channel, which has some 660k subscribers, he shares recipes, reviews and tutorials which are fun and easy to make. 

Brands he has worked with: Heinz, Apetina and HelloFresh


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