Zoella – from bedroom blogging to beauty brand leader

Zoella – from bedroom blogging to beauty brand leader

How Influencers take Branding to a Whole New Level

Zoella’s new beauty line – a selection of eight products collectively titled ‘Jelly & Gelato’ - is now available in Superdrug stores across the UK and on a variety of shelves and websites internationally. The launch event was arguably the brand’s best yet, with a branded ice-cream van offering free desserts in Brighton and the beauty guru herself tweeting not-so-subtle clues to entice fans to join in with the festivities.

In 2015, blogger, YouTube sensation and macro-influencer Zoe Sugg, broke sales records with the launch of her first cosmetics range ‘Zoella Beauty’, which saw all but one of the items sell out overnight. Her second product range, Tutti Fruity, launched in 2015, to a similar reception, with most products selling out within the first 12 hours. With a Twitter following of 9.2 million and an Instagram feed viewed by over 11 million people, Zoe is the pinnacle of influencer selling power.

In 2016, Zoe joined forces with her brother and fellow influencer, Joe, known on YouTube as ThatcherJoe, to co-create a line of branded merchandise, cleverly named ‘Sugg Life’. The recent merchandise collection sold out within 25 minutes thanks to the sibling’s joint following and digital promotion.

The fervour and passion which is created by influencers promoting their own lines and creations is a clear indicator of the buzz they can drum up surrounding the brands they endorse, partner with or simply mention in passing. Fans of these stars trust their judgement completely and are inspired to follow in the footsteps of their idols, purchasing these products in droves.


According to research carried out by Tamba, 84% of consumers turn to reviews as a trusted source of information on which to base a purchasing decision. This includes influencer reviews, and even sponsored posts have the same effect on shopping habits as a friend or relative suggesting a product.

As we enjoy watching the world’s most successful influencer go from strength to strength in her career, we hope everyone will join us in supporting Zoella in her endeavours and relax in style whilst sampling her latest offerings.


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