Champions | 15th May 2019
Body confidence is something many often struggle with. Fortunately, there are some amazing influencers out there who are teaching us to be happy in our own skin. Here are 10 of the top body positivity influencers to follow...
Champions | 10th May 2019
Influencer Champions will be bringing their social media expertise to BodyPower 2019, with senior manager Amelia Neate lined up to speak at this year’s event. 
Champions | 08th May 2019
Today marks the start of the PR360, The UK's biggest communications conference. As proud sponsors, we've covered who will be speaking and what you can expect from the event.
Champions | 08th May 2019
As Facebook announces that content creators will now be able to sell directly to their followers on their platforms, we ask, what does this mean for influencers?