British Food Bloggers
Champions | 25th September 2017
In the food and drink industry, there’s no doubt that bloggers and YouTube creators are now taking over. With the world now being so fast paced and few people having time to spend hours in the kitchen, more and more people are turning to an easier…
Influencer Checklist
Champions | 18th September 2017
Deciding to work with an influencer to boost reach, sales and branding is a no-brainer, but choosing the right influencer needs a little more thought and research. We have put together a checklist of the six most important factors to consider when…
From blogs to books. Influencer novels to read this summer.
Champions | 28th July 2017
While it is true that social media influencers are dominating the online world at the moment their presence certainly isn’t solely online. The past few years have seen them also take traditional print media by storm. Whether it is their picture on…
Zoella – from bedroom blogging to beauty brand leader
Champions | 21st July 2017
In 2015, blogger, YouTube sensation and macro-influencer Zoe Sugg, broke sales records with the launch of her first cosmetics range ‘Zoella Beauty’.