Instagram Hacking
Champions | 06th August 2018
Whilst we may have taken back control of how our data is used with the recent implementation of GDPR, something that has been, and continues to be out of our hands is hacking.
Glossier CEO Emily Weiss
Champions | 06th August 2018
From fashion assistant at Vogue, to CEO of the cosmetics company storming the internet, Emily Weiss is the woman of the hour. In fact, her brand Glossier might just be the most talked about beauty brand on the lips of millennials.
Depop Influencers of 2018
Champions | 03rd August 2018
Depop has brought a new type of fashion influencer to the fore. It combines the e-store aspect of eBay with Instagram’s social connectivity to create an amalgam unlike any other. And with an over 4.5 million users and one item selling every four…
Myths about Influencer Marketing
Champions | 30th July 2018
Influencer marketing has become the buzzword of media specialists across the world. As we move towards a world where social media and online marketing takes up more and more of an advertising budget, it is little wonder brands choose to team up with…