The Power of Love Island
Champions | 04th June 2018
9pm tonight is the perfect time to travel on the roads, do your food shopping or hit up the gym as millions of people across the country will be on their sofas, at home, ready for the return of Love Island 2018!
Influencer Campaigns
Champions | 25th May 2018
As we are moving into the middle of the year, we thought now was a perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the top campaigns we have set up and managed over the past six months.  Here are five of our favourites…
LGBT influencers
Champions | 17th May 2018
The LGBT community – it’s a movement that has been around since the late 1980s and thanks to increasing awareness, members of the LGBT community are finally able to be more open about their sexual identity.  Social media – it’s a crazy,…
Naomi Smith
Champions | 17th May 2018
At Influencer Champions we are excited to now be the official manager of another fantastic social media influencer, Naomi Millbank-Smith.