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In 2016, UK consumers spent £4.33 billion on games. That’s an enormous audience, presenting wonderful opportunities for brands able to engage with it effectively.

At the same time, the world of gaming has evolved. Instead of taking a brand’s word for how great its game is, consumers are now turning to gaming influencers for reviews and honest feedback before parting with their money. If a brand can leverage that process, it can enhance its reputation and boost its sales.

Finding the right gaming influencer with a following likely to interact with your brand can be a hard task. At Influencer Champions, we mine a rich seam of influencers to pair with your brand. We do the hard part, leaving you to reap the rewards of a successful relationship.

Gamers, especially those posting on YouTube, are among the most popular influencers, with millions of highly engaged followers, so influencer marketing is a great vehicle for brands looking to make an impression on such a large audience.

Brands, such as Microsoft, are focusing on this new form of marketing and partnering with influencers for some their highest profile gaming campaigns, inviting them to a ‘real-life warzone’ for the launch of Halo Wars 2, for example, and asking them to vlog their experiences.

If you are a brand looking to benefit from the engagement influencers can deliver, then get in contact with us today. We have the solution.

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