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We’re always looking to build relationships with established influencers who aim to grow their personal brand and maximise their opportunities.


A different kind of management agency


At Influencer Champions, we are experts in managing influencers and in seeking out, securing and managing successful partnerships between you and well-known brands.


Proactive in our approach and knowledgeable about what we do, we take the strain out of finding brand work by doing it for you – so, all you have to do is enjoy creating content for the partnership.


But we’re not the kind of management agency that finds you work and leaves it at that.


Genuinely passionate about our influencers and always ensuring each and every one of the collaborations we set up succeeds, we offer a full suite of services including:


  • Help with growing your personal brand
  • A proactive approach to securing you brand partnerships
  • Full management and promotion of any newsworthy brand work
  • PR support
  • Handling of all legal matters, including contracts and invoices
  • A crisis management service


As a family-run business with family values at our core, relationships matter to us. So, when it comes to the influencers we work with, we take an ‘always on hand’ approach, meaning we are always there to provide support, for any aspect of a campaign, from beginning to end.


Keeping you connected with brands

We understand that, as an influencer, creating engaging content for your followers is at the core of what you do. However, we also understand that for you to continue making regular content, you need to make money too. That’s where we come in.


Brand work is the perfect way for you to add credibility to your name, increase your following and generate income. Harnessing the collaborative brand relationships we have built over the years and combining that with our industry knowhow, we will proactively approach relevant brands on your behalf.


What to do next

The world of social media influencers waits for no one. Bring us on board as we will help you make a statement in the industry. 

Whether you are looking for management or would simply like to be on our database of influencers, we’d love top hear from you