I covet Thee
I covet Thee
I covet Thee
27 years old
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Alix Coburn - I Covet Thee

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About Alix...

One of the most unique and professional beauty influencers around, I Covet Thee is the YouTube channel belonging to Alix Coburn. Alix began blogging in 2011, after getting hooked on reading others' blogs. Shortly after, she began sharing her passion for beauty, makeup and more on her YouTube channel.

It wasn't long before Alix's likeability struck a chord with her audience. Originally setting out to blog as a hobby, her passion for blogging and vlogging grew alongside her follower count.

Choosing her page name I Covet Thee in the hope of covering an array of subjects, Alix has inspired readers with various videos and written materials relating to lifestyle, beauty, travel, fashion and food.

With her engaging shareable content comes an interactive relationship with her fan base. This can be particularly beneficial to brands hoping to embark on dynamic influencer marketing campaigns.

Proving perfect for product launches, endorsements and digital campaigns, Alix Coburn is an ideal partner for any brand, especially those with one foot in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She has worked with a number of high-profile companies to date including the likes of Zara, Narsissist, Selfridges and liketoknow.it.europe.

Charming and current, Alix's genuine persona has marked her out as one of the country's leading vloggers and social media influencers. Her blog I Covet Thee was famously named in Look's Top 20 Beauty Blogs.

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