Anastasia Kingsnorth
Anastasia Kingsnorth
Anastasia Kingsnorth
18 years old
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Anastasia Kingsnorth

Hugely Popular Lifestyle & Beauty Vlogger

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About Anastasia...

Dedicated to creating content that is both useful and fun for her audience, Anastasia is one of the UK's biggest lifestyle influencers.

Born in the charming town of Kettering, Northamptonshire, Anastasia began her YouTube channel in 2014. Within just two months, she had over 1000 subscribers. It was her creative content that kept viewers coming back time and time again.

Much of her material is composed with the expressed interest of entertaining her audience and her content is always fresh and creative. She often offers her followers a glimpse into her world and as a result, she is loved by her fans for her honesty and openness.

Hugely passionate about all things to do with beauty and fashion, the young teen fills her channel with fun videos around activities such as shopping and makeup tutorials - even giving fans the ability to look like the likes of Ariana Grande for the day. Whilst beauty and fashion are her main passions, Anastasia also receives millions of views for entertaining videos such as Hiding in My Own Home', 'Extreme Never Have I Ever!' and 'Drive With Me' and 'I Only Ate Vegan Food for 24 Hours'.

As her online following continues to grow, Anastasia is a rising star in the beauty influencer world. Earlier this year, after hitting half a million subscribers on her YouTube Channel and a further 411,000 followers on Instagram, she was named Fashion and Beauty Influencer of the Year at Summer in the City 2018.

Due to her growing popularity amongst beauty and fashion fans across the world, Anastasia has worked in partnership with some of the industry's leading brands, including MAC, Tampax, Iconic London and Look Fantastic. And as she continues to grow her online presence, there is no doubt that this fashion-mad teenage will continue to be the perfect partner for any beauty or fashion brand.

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