Lily Pebbles
Lily Pebbles
Lily Pebbles
31 years old
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Lily Pebbles

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About Lily...

Bringing regular and varied content to her legions of fans, Lily has continued to offer her fans inspirational content. She is a wonderful beauty and fashion influencer, owing to her honesty and passion for those areas. As such, she is perfect for brand endorsements and product launches and can give your influencer marketing campaigns the edge.

Formerly posting an array of videos about all manner of things while at university, Lily soon moved into vlogging and blogging about beauty and fashion. From there she has moved the majority of her material into the realm of lifestyle.

Lily Pebbles encapsulates the style of the city of London. Your typical Londoner, Lily is cool and calm with her street-smart style and charming attitude. She offers useful insight into various styles.

Lily's influence extends into the world of food as she posts regular content relating to high-end cuisine, health foods and drinks, as well as quality tea and coffee brands that she pairs with.

Pairing with brands that fit with her lifestyle, Lily has ensured her content is constantly relevant and inspiring to her audience. Often inviting them into her shopping trips, holidays, home renovations and photoshoots, the vlogs and videos are both enticing and fun.

Her videos also feature taste tests, unboxing videos, competitions, Q&As and more, on top of her endorsement videos. All are personal, fun and geared to her audiences' desires. Outside of the digital world, Lily has written a book called The F Word, based on the 'good, the bad and the complicated' of female friendship.

Working with a number of brands to align them with their desired audience, Lily is a down to earth lifestyle influencer with a wonderful relationship with her fans. True to herself and her passions, Lily is extremely popular due to this. As a result, her approach is well-received by many.

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