Louise Pentland
Louise Pentland
Louise Pentland
34 years old
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Louise Pentland

British motherhood, beauty and lifestyle vlogger, blogger and author


About Louise Pentland...

Louise Pentland is a popular blogger and influencer with a focus on beauty, family and lifestyle. This mum and beauty icon has millions of fans and has worked with some of the world’s favourite brands to create heart-warming, lovable social media campaigns.

Louise started her blog, Sprinkle of Glitter, in 2009 as a place to share her thoughts on beauty and lifestyle. From these beginnings, she created a YouTube channel of the same name and began documenting her product reviews and DIY interior design projects. Before long, her videos were racking up millions of views and Louise found herself becoming a YouTube influencer.

Louise has endeared herself to her fan base in recent years by discussing aspects of her family life. She talks about everything from the experience of going through a home birth to family days at IKEA. She is also an active member of the budding YouTube community and has collaborated on videos with the likes of Zoella, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Joe Sugg, Dan Howell, Casper Lee, Jim Chapman, Troye Sivan and Katie Snooks. This variety has enamoured her to a huge audience and shows just how far-reaching this YouTuber's scope is.

Good causes are never far from Louise’s heart and she is proud to be a Change Ambassador for the UN. She is a strong supporter of gender equality and body positivity and this shines through in all her work. Anyone who sees her videos will find themselves empowered, entertained and smitten by this incredibly charming social media influencer.

Louise is also an accomplished author and has released a Times best-seller in the form of Wilde Like Me. This first book has proven to be wildly successful, with critics noting:

"Louise’s personality literally screams at you through this book… Whilst being serious in places, there is a strong sense of humour that will make you laugh, as well as moments that will make you ‘aww’."

Louise’s writing is prolific and she has also released two non-fiction books; Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter and Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have the Best Year of Your Life.

Louise is also an avid Instagram influencer and regularly posts family updates, holidays, tips and sponsored content. She has collaborated on social media campaigns with several authors and beauty brands. Furthermore, she has worked with Olay on several products and continues to help social media campaigns gain traction with her personality, endearing brands to millions of users worldwide.

For more information or to collaborate with Louise on your product launch or social media campaign, contact Influencer Champions via email at info@influencerchampions.com. Alternatively, call one of our booking agents directly on 0203 9580 427.

She came across to me as a really genuine and naturally funny person and the whole experience was amazing from start to finish. – Hebah Pervaiz

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