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About Joshua...

Joshua Ritchie is a famous British television star who made his first appearance on ITV2’s popular reality series Love Island back in 2015. During his stay at the villa, he won the eyes and hearts of many viewers and managed to leave the island in third place. Since then, he has continued to take on miscellaneous television projects, including starring in MTV’s Ex on the Beach. His various stints on reality television has resulted in becoming a leading social media influencer, with over a million dedicated followers across his various social channels.

Continuing his career in television after Love Island, he went on to appear in other hit TV shows such as Just Tattoo of Us with fellow influencer Charlotte Crosby, as well as becoming contestants on Celebrity Coach Trip where the couple came second place. Alongside his friends and fellow reality stars he often engages in charity sporting events as well as endorsing campaigns by companies such as

Due to his strong social media presence, the influencer often takes to Instagram to document his lifestyle, as well as endorse the brands and companies that he partners with. Using social media as both as space for recreational expression as well as commercial activity, he has collaborated with the likes of Car Fume UK, Diamond Whites and Skinny Food Co in a series of sponsored posts and competitions.

Aside from becoming a renowned reality star and social media influencer, Joshua has used his elevated platform to launch independent entrepreneurial projects involving interior design and home decor. He is the owner of 3D Custom Coverings, a specialist supplier of designer tiles and decorative covering for homeware. He takes to social media to promote his own business and openly takes on enquiries online with Twitter followers. Products range from photo wall panels, daylight ceiling panels, stone walls and more.

Joshua’s multi-skilled nature has lead him to becoming one of the most versatile influencers online and an enthusiastic advocate for an array of businesses from different industries. His prominence in the world of television, lifestyle, fashion, social media and interior design makes him a flexible business partner and guaranteed supporter of any brand.

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