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About Mikey...

Mikey Pearce is a social media personality and YouTube sensation with deep connections in the YouTuber community and a dedicated fan base numbering in the hundreds of thousands. His various talents see him employ music, humour and competitiveness in a variety of videos that keep his fans coming back for more.

Mikey started his YouTube channel in 2016, using it to showcase his singing and acting skills. Mikey is a huge fan of musical theatre and Michael Bublé and is never afraid to show off his impressive voice. Mikey expanded into collaboration with the likes of Joe Sugg, Jack Maynard, Caspar Lee and others with a wide range of hilarious challenges. These include everything from trying accents to teaching a spinning class, eating contests, two truths one lie, finish the lyrics and guess the YouTuber.

Mikey is also a huge proponent of creating authentic connections with his community, posting videos of Q&As and vlogs about his personal life. He opens up about his fears, aspirations and relationships, bringing the spotlight onto mental health and the importance of taking care of yourself.

Mikey rounds out his channel with public pranks that lead to hilarious results. From performing opera in public to challenging his fellow YouTubers to try embarrassing pranks, his hilarious videos have his fans in stitches.

Mikey is well-known for his sweet tooth and has recently branched out with a gourmet sweet delivery service called Diet Starts Tomorrow. Each month, subscribers receive a bespoke selection of sweets curated by Mikey, making for a monthly treat to share with friends and family. Mikey’s entrepreneurial skill is well-documented and this influencer understands what it takes to build a reliable brand and business.

Mikey’s Instagram is filled with fun photos and snaps of his YouTuber friends. He is also a frequent collaborator and Instagram influencer who has worked with several brands on sponsored posts including Cadbury, Fiat and Kyro Gin.

Mikey is a master of the influencer game and a must for all social media campaigns. His savvy business skills and entertaining posts make him the perfect addition to any digital marketing campaign and the key to accessing a new generation of consumers.

“If you don’t know who Mikey Pearce is then you may have been living under a rock. Mikey is the lovable YouTuber who is one of the most relatable people alive.”- Fuzzable

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