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About Rosie...

One of social media's most influential Londoners, Rosie Londoner has carved out a career for herself in the digital space. Rosie's regular content creation has seen her attract and retain a large and loyal fanbase.

Popping up all over the world, creating content composed of her adventures and lifestyle, Rosie has endeared herself to thousands of people due to her outgoing personality and passion for what she does.

Her love for London, life, her friends, family and followers is evident across all of her channels and is part of what has brought her such success. Rosie has become a brand ambassador due to the way she interacts with her audience on a personal level.

What is clear as you look across all of Rosie's platforms is that she knows herself and her aspirations, and those factors all become obvious to her readers and viewers too, helping her to better engage with her audience across all platforms.

Originally moving into blogging as a hobby, it wasn't long before people across the globe were reading the Londoner's blog, all in love with her honest style. Describing it as: 'writing as if you're talking to a friend' and 'writing as you would speak' has left her with an individualistic approach.

An avid photographer, Rosie swears by the importance of photography in her work. Helping her to tell her stories and share her life is her trusty Lumix GF5.

Most aspects of Rosie's life are shared with her legions of followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and her blog. She updates content on her beauty, fashion and interior design choices, many of which are influenced by brands, but in an organic, playful way. Rosie's recent wedding was a hit with her followers all getting access to Rosie's life, which they have come to know well through regularly reading her blogs.

It also represented a great opportunity for brands to share the day with her. Bobbi Brown, Jimmy Choo and Aerin were all able to increase their brand awareness as Rosie shared her thoughts on the day. Rosie speaks in her usual narrative style, providing an emotive and fun outlook on the day, as is a feature in all of her posts.

An active blogger and influencer with a massive following, Rosie is the perfect influencer for your brand, helping to boost brand awareness and interaction.

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