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She Wears Fashion
She Wears Fashion
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She wears Fashion

Leading Fashion Blogger and Social Media Influencer


About She wears Fashion...

She Wears Fashion is a leading fashion blog created by the multi-talented Kavita Donkersley. She Wears Fashion boasts a large dedicated following with Kavita’s eye for fashion and photography creating gorgeous photoshoots to inspire designers and travellers alike.

She Wears Fashion has a long list of collaborators to its name, including Gucci, River Island, Coachella, Lacoste, Miss Selfridge, New Look, Forever 21, Vans, Victoria’s Secret, Dr. Marten and Michael Kors. Kavita is the mastermind behind these social media marketing campaigns and her understanding of what people want to see is invaluable. She regularly travels to fashion shows in places like Barcelona, Paris and Russia and combines haute couture inspiration with high street options to give her fans the very best in fashion advice.

Take a quick look at She Wears Fashion and it’s easy to understand why Kavita has become such an important influencer. Her site shows off fashion tips for travellers, last minute gift guides, tips on how to wear colours and cuts and sponsored content by some of the best brands. This varied and rich experience makes She Wears Fashion a blog of many themes, equally at home showing off a holiday deal, a pair of shoes or a music festival.

The multi-talented blogger and social media influencer is also an experienced photographer. By way of trial and error, she has developed her kit and eye and now takes some of the most beautifully composed street style photographs around.

Kavita has expanded her social footprint and can often be found releasing unboxings, product reviews and vlogs on YouTube. Her audience loves her honest, down-to-earth nature and helpful tips with videos reaching upwards of 120,000 views. This savvy blogger and YouTuber is at the forefront of influencer marketing and is a must for all campaigns. The sky really is the limit for this small-town Sheffield girl who has met Rihanna and Katy Perry and has gone on to work with Macy’s in New York.

She Wears Fashion also has a dedicated Instagram following and is one of the most relevant Instagram influencers around. Combining fashion with exotic destinations, her work speaks to a wide range of people from aspiring designers to backpackers who want to plan their next trip.

Whatever your influencer needs, She Wears Fashion is an industry leader who can take your brand to the next level. Her style and talent are second to none and mark her out as a tastemaker for an entire generation.

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I have achieved so many insane things that I didn’t think I would through this blog. From meeting Rihanna and Katy Perry to being a VIP guest for Lacoste at Coachella.

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