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Steve Booker

British fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger

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About Steve...

Steve Booker has become a mainstay of the fashion industry, modelling hundreds and thousands of items on his social media platforms in recent years. His down to earth personality has made him a popular figure in the digital sphere.

Through blogging, photography and documentary style interviews with various brands, Steve has acquired a reputation as a trustworthy influencer, inspired and interested in street clothing, chilling out and sustainable fashion. His low-key style matches his character and the changing face of men's fashion.

Far from sticking to one theme, Steve has reached out to cover a range of styles and has ended up working with a varied collection of brands. His unique look has seen him stand out in a crowded space, and his willingness to wear what is on trend and experiment with new ideas and looks has carved him out a niche in the market.

Providing regular content to his followers on lifestyle, fashion, travel and photography, Steve has proven himself as one of the country's most versatile and exciting male influencers.

Interacting with his large and loyal audience on a regular basis, Steve has seen his stock rise on all social media platforms. Growing into one of the biggest fashion influencers in the UK, certainly, in terms of men's fashion and travel spaces, Steve has fuelled the fashion decisions of men all over the world.

He is an ideal choice to boost your brand and work on all manner of digital campaigns, especially in the fashion space where he has been utilized by a number of high-profile companies. High-end clothing company Gant called on Steve to showcase their sustainable fashion range while Nike and Adidas often collaborate with him to show off their latest men's shoes. His interview with exclusive Amsterdam fashion store Patta in support of their new store opening in London also proved incredibly popular.

Steve has worked with many valued brands including Porsche, Canon, Foot Locker, Braun, Westfield, Apple and Nespresso to name just a few.

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"Hoping to inspire people through my travels, photography and documenting life in a creative and authentic way"

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