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About Ali...

Ali A is a famous gamer and YouTuber with over 3 billion views on his various channels. Renowned in gaming circles, he is wildly popular and specialises in popular game titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Ali A, or Alistair Aiken, created his YouTube channel in 2006 but didn’t begin uploading videos until 2009. It started off with simple beginnings as Ali recorded 30-second clips of himself playing Call of Duty for his friends. Gradually he built up a following and within four years, he had one million subscribers. By 2016 this number had rocketed to eight million and cemented Ali A’s place as a true YouTube icon.

Ali’s video style is endearing and uniform. While the main focus of his videos is on his commentaries or live reactions to video games, he always introduces segments with a short vlog to catch up with his community. This personal touch adds authenticity to the experience and has helped Ali go from strength to strength.

Ali A has taken eGaming by storm with the second most subscribed to YouTube channel in the Fortnite community. This battle royale style shooter is hugely popular and Ali A keeps the community informed with updates, tips, gameplay and vlogs. He is a tastemaker for the millions of Fortnite fans and a must for any eGame advertising campaigns.

Ali A has also become a leading figure in the Call of Duty franchise. This first-person shooter series is a triple-A staple and has found success with gamers in all corners of the globe. Ali A shows fans of the series gameplay, tips and prizes.

Ali A is a huge supporter of youth development and in 2016 he was part of YouTube and Mattessons’ campaign to teach young people programming skills. As a result, over 24,000 youths found their footing in Python and potentially a career.

Ali’s career as a social media influencer has also taken flight, with the star garnering several affiliations and sponsorships. Among the brands supporting this titan of the industry are Monster, Scuf Gaming, G2A, Elgato Gaming and Kontrol Freek. Ali’s relationship with Monster is well-documented and has seen Ali take control of the brand’s Snapchat for a series of events.

This all-round influencer has found his niche and dominated it. Within eGaming, there are few names as impressive as Ali A and any brand looking to move into this lucrative market needs a name like his to resonate with the community.

"Gamers are a highly influential audience with major purchasing power.  - Thinkwithgoogle"

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