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Toys and Me is a YouTuber, toy reviewer and all-round social media sensation with millions of fans and an unparalleled brand identity. One of the most successful kid influencers around, she continues to entertain children across the world and build her empire.

Tiana Wilson is the face and personality behind Toys and Me. Her parents recorded her opening presents at Christmas for her relatives and posted the video on YouTube. Tiana’s hilarious reactions saw her become a sensation almost overnight. Her parents set up a YouTube channel and began uploading videos of their daughter unboxing everything from stuffed toys to board games and playsets.

Since going viral, Tiana's popularity has continued to increase and now, in just three years, she has amassed over nine million subscribers. This is largely down to the popular unboxing craze that has taken the YouTube community by storm- with over 55 million search results for ‘unboxing’ on YouTube with the top results garnering over 260 million views. With millions of her fans regularly watching her unboxing videos, Tiana’s is now one of the best-known kid influencers and an expert in reviewing children's toys.

Tiana’s family are also contributors to Toys and Me, not only managing the channel but also appearing as guests in various videos. They are always up for an adventure and regularly play games with Tiana. Tiana’s father also has a hilarious role as a mischievous unboxer himself. In some videos, he will secretly open a few toys while Tiana is at school to hilarious results. His childlike wonder and excitement are infectious and you can’t help but wait with bated breath to see what he discovers.

Toys and Me has also become a mainstay for brands, with Tiana working with the likes of Hatchimals, Shopkins and Lego. Tiana has also launched her own line of toys alongside Vivid showing just how successful this YouTube star is.

Toys and Me is also huge on Instagram and provides brands, fans and followers the inside track on the latest toys. Tiana regularly posts selfies, family snaps, sponsored posts and other content while engaging her fans through comment threads.

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