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Fleur de Force
Fleur de Force
30 years old
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Fleur de Force

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About Fleur...

Catering to the needs of beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts across the globe, Fleur de Force has taken her place amongst the country's most unique beauty influencers. As a beauty and makeup expert, her vlogs have helped countless viewers to indulge in all things cosmetics and fashion, helping her to carve out a rewarding career at the forefront of influencer marketing.

Having posted her very first video back in 2009, it wasn't long before Fleur rose to prominence on various social media channels. Offering a range of content across platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Fleur began to put her knowledge of beauty and makeup to good use.

Her range of video content continued to grow with each passing year, and has come to feature gift guides, shopping hauls, product reviews, monthly favourites, Q&A sessions, tutorials, lookbooks and more. Furthermore, Fleur has developed several of her own unique video series that focus on a specific area of beauty. This includes her Drugstore Beauty, High End Beauty and New in Beauty series, each of which offers a different take on the world of beauty and cosmetics.

As a new mum, Fleur has also found significant popularity with mums from all walks of life. As part of her YouTube channel, Fleur shares her insight into the ups and downs associated with motherhood, helping her to appeal to an even wider audience.

Today, Fleur runs her very own social media empire from her home in the UK. Having become an ideal fit for influencer marketing campaigns, she has taken part in many fruitful collaborations with brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Sainsbury's and P&G.

Fleur also collaborated with Estée Lauder as part of an advertising campaign in 2015, showcasing the brand's new fragrance Modern Muse Le Rouge. Furthermore, she also collaborated with Batiste in 2017, showcasing their products as part of her 30 Minute Morning Routine vlog. Drawing on her passion and authenticity, Fleur has been instrumental in connecting brands to their target audience.

Boasting a combined following that easily surpasses the million mark, the success of the Fleur de Force platform shows no signs of slowing down. Having cemented her name as one of the UK's premier social media influencers, Fleur looks set to embark on many more successful collaborations in the years to come.

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