Giovanna Fletcher
Giovanna Fletcher
Giovanna Fletcher
34 years old
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Giovanna Fletcher

Award-Winning Author and Influencer Extraordinaire


About Giovanna...

Giovanna Fletcher is a hugely successful author, blogger and Youtuber who documents her adventures as a mother and book critic. Her success as an award-winning author and family-focused influencer makes her the ideal addition to any social media marketing campaign.

Giovanna was born in Essex and attended the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School where she met her future husband and collaborator Tom Fletcher of McFly fame. Giovanna always had the ambition to go into the arts and began writing to fill her time between acting roles. She began writing for several magazines including Heat, Recognise and Bliss. She soon found her calling reviewing books and blogging about up-and-coming authors. She networked with some of the UK’s biggest literary stars and this inspired her to give writing a shot. Her debut novel, Billy and Me was released in 2013 and was followed by You’re the One That I Want a year later. In 2015 and 2016, she kept up this breakneck pace releasing Dream a Little Dream and Always with Love. She won several awards and is renowned as a Sunday Times best-selling author. She released her first non-fiction book, Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My Adventures in Motherhood in 2017 and looks forward to many more literary adventures. She keeps her writing skills sharp by regularly contributing to Hello! magazine’s website.

Giovanna has also embraced music and has performed vocals on several YouTube videos posted by Tom Fletcher on his Me & Mrs F channel. Their duets are beloved by fans around the world and have garnered millions of views.

Giovanna’s success has also seen her become a social media icon. Her honest approach to motherhood and family life has inspired millions and she has one million dedicated followers on Instagram. As a social media influencer, she is a champion of the people and drives home body positive ideas.

Giovanna’s YouTube account gives fans an incredible insight into her life. These authentic connections help families around the world as Giovanna opens up on Mumdays, family weekend trips, podcasts and other inside scoops.

Giovanna’s blog brings all of her work together on a popular site that offers book reviews, events and blogs. Giovanna’s World is a hotspot for book-lovers, mums and family-orientated people, making her the ideal partner for any social media marketing campaign.

This multi-talented influencer and icon is a must for all campaigns. Her honesty and wholesome appeal make her the perfect face for a brand or product launches and her word on books is final. A positive review from this literary hero is sure to get tongues wagging in no time.

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The plan for my blog is to post things I’ve seen and loved, to inspire and brighten - or to simply make you smile.

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