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Abot Jake...

Jake Boys is a famous YouTube star who famously records every aspect of his life. From pranks to vlogs, this loveable scamp brings irreverent humour to the everyday.

Jake started his channel, JakeBoysUK, in 2012. Jake has always been interested in film and started recording short clips from a young age. He initially built up a following on Vine with zany antics and videos. He eventually made the jump to YouTube and started developing longer format sketches. These sketches range from phone pranks to waxing challenges and everything in between.

Jake has also built up a substantial Instagram presence where he regularly posts street-style fashion, trips and family photos. This insight into his life gives his fans an insight into his life behind the camera.

Jake is incredibly invested in his community. He responds to all comments on his posts and jokes with his critics and fans alike. This has endeared him to his fan base and sees them hang on his every post earning him thousands of likes per post.

This prankster is not afraid to make himself the butt of his jokes and has created some truly crazy stunts. From tattoo roulette to hair dye roulette, he is not afraid to take the plunge and do something original.

Not just a maestro of comedy, Jake also addresses serious issues and often opens up with vlogs about his childhood, school life and relationships. These personable videos make Jake one of the easiest YouTube influencers to relate to.

Jake has also worked with other YouTube stars on collaborative efforts, including Jack Dail and Mazzi Maz. One of his most famous collaborations saw him team up with Sam Pottorff of Our2ndLife. He also dated fellow YouTube royalty Emily-Victoria Canham for several years, earning the couple nickname ‘Jemily’. Their relationship was beloved and saw the couple earn thousands of followers.

Jake is a truly gifted influencer who has cultivated a hugely successful brand. From his early beginnings as a Vine prankster to becoming the darling of the YouTube community, he is a master of the influencer landscape. He is at home representing everything from fashion labels to fast food chains. This versatility and loveable rogue persona make him the ideal face for your brand.

"Compared to videos created by mainstream celebrities, videos created by top 25 YouTube stars yield three times more views"

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