Niomi Smart
Niomi Smart
Niomi Smart
27 years old
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Niomi Smart

World-Famous Lifestyle Influencer and Author


About Niomi Smart...

Niomi Smart is a British blogger, YouTuber, author and internet personality renowned for her values and content on health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Niomi is at the forefront of lifestyle influencer campaigns and has even founded her own company. As if this weren’t enough, she is also the author of a recipe book that reached number one on Amazon in a matter of days.

After studying for a law degree, Niomi felt there was something missing from her life and LadySmart was born. With balance and wellness at the forefront of everything she does, Niomi inspires people around the world to look, live and feel better. Niomi’s various channels cover everything from organic makeup to easy-to-follow fitness regimes and plant-based recipes.

Niomi’s success as a YouTube vlogger and personality is down to the rich and diverse videos she posts for her fans. These include ‘What I Eat in a Day’, routines, recipes, and personal vlogs. This dedicated lifestyle channel usually posts every Sunday and focuses on empathy, balance and a wellness-driven lifestyle. This is best exemplified by her commitment to charities such as Standing Up To Cancer.

Niomi’s blog combines all of her passions, with articles on what to wear this season, healthy twists on classic recipes, tips on exercising, organic makeup you can trust and travel guides among many others. Niomi also has her own e-store where she provides avid fans with a portal to buy all the things they see on her social media platforms.

Niomi has expanded her brand with the founding of a food delivery service called Sourcedbox. This Brighton-based e-store sources healthy, natural and sustainable snacks and delivers them every month to subscribers.

Niomi is also a published author with a vegan recipe book that has proven itself a hit with her legion of dedicated fans. Eat Smart shows off Niomi’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle with a wide selection of delicious recipes.

Niomi is the ideal social media influencer with a dedicated audience and conscious tone that promotes health and happy living. Niomi is also unique in that the majority of her audience is over 18 years old. This provides Niomi with access to an audience that is young, ambitious and looking for a healthier alternative.

Niomi Smart is a tour-de-force with her likeable personality, strong values and a healthy lifestyle marking her out as a role model. Her website, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube all boast incredible engagement and this macro influencer is a must for all brands looking to create a lasting impression on their market.

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On a platform that sells quantity over quality, Niomi Smart’s unique brand is as much about giving back as it is about herself. - Forbes

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