Chessie King
Chessie King
Chessie King
26 years old
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Chessie King

Leading Lifestyle Influencer and Body Positivity Advocate


About Chessie...

Chessie King is a London-based fitness and lifestyle influencer behind the popular blog C.Krets. This exploratory lifestyle and travel blog is hugely popular and has seen Chessie garner hundreds of thousands of followers.

Chessie is a talented presenter, explorer and body positive advocate with a unique brand that seeks out the very best restaurants, hotels, holidays, and fitness retreats. Chessie’s favourites are a must and anyone bitten by the travel bug will have her suggestions on their bucket list.

C.Krets, pronounced Cee-Krets, was created to showcase Chessie’s love of finding secret places. Unique places to play, workout, eat, holiday and drink. The snowball effect was huge. First her friends and family would ask for recommendations and before long, Chessie was boasting an average growth of 4,500 new followers every month.

Chessie soon discovered her infectious energy, passion and drive was perfectly suited for the mould of an influencer. She combined all these traits to become a leading social media campaign influencer and has worked alongside the likes of Nike Women and JD Women.

Chessie supports her community by instilling each and every follower with a positive mindset. Chessie’s support and compassion come from her own struggles with body confidence and she now uses her power to promote healthy living. Chessie has mentioned this drive in several interviews, stating:


“It also opened up this really supportive community; people don't just comment on the photo to write to me, but they comment to support each other. It's almost become like a forum. I feel like I'm finally using Instagram correctly and with a purpose, versus just posting a photo to put it out there.”


Chessie is an active part of the fitness influencer scene and has even collaborated with Steph Elswood on a YouTube fitness vlog. These talented YouTubers show the normal side of exercises, outtakes and all, while also telling avid viewers the very best travel, recipe and fitness secrets.

Chessie is a leading social media icon and a massively successful Instagram influencer. She is the perfect accompaniment to any campaign promoting healthy lifestyles, exciting travel opportunities, fashion, and body positive messages. Don’t miss your chance to work with this one-of-a-kind talent today.

For more information or to work with Chessie on a product launch, brand awareness or any other social media campaign, contact Influencer Champions via email at Alternatively, call one of our booking agents on 0203 9580 427.

Body confidence is being able to truly appreciate your body and what it does for you instead of beating it up.

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