Power of Influencers

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Why choose to market your brand with an influencer?

Social media is now one of the most influential methods of marketing and not only can any person build up their personal brand on each platform so can any business. There’s no escaping its popularity and its power as a marketing tool.


In less than a decade, social media has grown rapidly and is a trend that has reached billions of people worldwide; the top platform being YouTube with over 1 billion active users each month. With the digital age in force, ordinary people have become online “celebrities” with powerful social media followings, perfect for upcoming brands as they are arguably, a more trustworthy source for brand credibility than celebrity endorsements. This is an opportunity that cannot and should not be ignored. Businesses need to use the rising of social media to their advantage.


Social media influencer advertising is bringing brand awareness to a new level, so if you’re a business looking to grow your brand awareness with a social media influencer then be sure to contact Influencer Champions at-

aneate@Influencerchampions.com or O8453 31 3O 31 

Power of Influencers Infographic