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The fitness industry has seen a change in direction in recent years with the arrival of online fitness influencers. These online personal trainers and fitness ‘gurus’ have stimulated a fitness revolution.

At Influencer Champions, we have relationships with some of the best female and male fitness influencers who specialise in categories such as cardio, nutrition and strength and conditioning.

With years of expertise in matching brands with influencers, we will help boost your fitness brand’s sales, image and market reputation and create tailored relationships between your brand and our influencers.


With tips, hints and workouts all available at the click of a button, influencers have driven a health and fitness craze. Viewers with busy day-to-day lives are becoming more and more motivated by these influencers, who are changing the face of the fitness industry.

Powerful brands such as Nike and MyProtein have very successfully harnessed this and have increasingly invested more and more of their marketing resources in social media influencers.

If you’re a health and fitness brand or a fitness influencer, Influencer Champions has the best tips, experience and knowledge to help you grow.

Top Fitness Influencers
The Body Coach
The Body Coach
Kayla Istines
Kayla Itsines
Carly Rowena
Carly Rowena
Lean Machine
The Lean Machine