Travel Influencers


Globe-trotting and blogging/vlogging go hand-in-hand with travellers wanting to document where they have left footprints on the world. This desire to tell tales from their travels has sparked an online craze for travel.

Influencer Champions is home to travel influencers across categories including hotels, beach, skiing and family. Their reach and fan base will significantly heighten your brand awareness and engagement.

Our relationship with these influencers allows us to hand-pick the perfect partnership for your brand. We will establish the right influencer, introduce them to your brand and help nurture the relationship.

Travel for UK residents increased by 9% from 2016 and with Instagram voted as the most popular visual content sharing app, there is no doubt that the world of social media plays a big part in this surge of travelling.


Millennials are constantly looking to social media to help form their buying decisions, so with the constant stream of idyllic beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and serene sunsets there is no wonder that people are booking more holidays to satisfy this wanderlust. So, why wouldn’t you want one of the biggest social influencers promoting your holiday destination?

Whether you are a restaurant, airline or hotel there is an abundance of social influencers out there just waiting to engage with your brand. From check ins and reviews to posts and general imagery, there is plenty of ways influencers can take to influence their followers.

Top Travel Influencers
Fun for Louis
Fun For Louis
Mr. Ben Brown
Mr Ben Brown
Sarah Ashcroft
Sarah Ashcroft
How Far From Home
How Far From Home